Indonesia – Land of fire

Hi everyone,

Yeahhhhh guys! I finally touched Down Under! Drove through forest, had a Ozzie style BBQ on South Beach, hugged koalas, and jumped on the back of a red kangaroo…  😉 Just in one word: EXCITING

Well before I start off; I hope everyone survived the drinking of New Year’s and nobody developed a big belly after all the eating on Christmas. All the best for this new year.

About my Christmas and New Years’s? That was in Indonesia. And before Indonesia I was in one of the most developed places in the world: Singapore. So, this blog is about my final part of travelling in Asia. The stories for Australia have to wait, since this is just my first day here 😛


So, from Thailand to Malaysia was a big change? Well coming from Malaysia to Singapore is even bigger! Damn, this place is developed into the details I am used to in Europe and especially my home country. I almost did not feel in Asia anymore. Singa Pura means “lion city” and has the chracteristics of this majestic animals.

Singapore seems to me in a constant psych of moving forward. When I took the metro to my hostel and everyone was busy with his/her mobile phone or any other electronic device. When I took a bus: the same story. I feel Singapore is much more European alike if it comes to social behaviour.

So the Tree top hostel, as the name suggests, cares about environment. This place is cool since staff really cares about all kind of things too. Cycling and walking are promoted, saving water is an issue, and washing is done with eco detergents. These are just a few examples. The best thing they advised me to do was going to the national park of Singapore and to an island Pulau Ubin. On this tiny island time seemed to have come to a stand still and ariving here sets you back 50 years. No hustle and bustle, small wooden houses, and still gardens and nature around. Especially the mangroves are worth to explore. It is good that fishing and gardening are the main income here. And yes, people/tourists do come here, but it does not affect the life on Pulau Ubin that much. Now you think that Singaporeans must miss this tranquil life? Actually not. The generation now grew up with the acquired welfare level of this city state, whereas the older people still remember the old times. The guys from the hostel told me this. Although, the young people and the guys from the hostel miss the quite places in singapore.

Nowadays Singapore is in a constant move. Her a new shopping mall, then across the street a new metro station, and a block away some road upgrades: that is Singapore. It is this flux why I love Singapore, but dislike it as much when staying for longer.

In my opinion Singapore’s costs for tourists are, compared to Europe, quite low. Food is inexpensive and really good too! Personally Little India is my favourite, because of the many excellent food places and atmosphere. Also it is a nice place for electronic shopping, which I did too. Most museums give discounts if you flash your student card and there are plenty of old colonial building that clash and harmonise with past and future.

Give this place a go!