Australia – Life in Perth

Hi guys,

I arrived in Perth! Life is crazy, fun, and sometimes it really sucks too. Last time I had briefly told about my arrival here in Perth. In the meantime not very much happened. The temperature is still around 30 degrees and it rains almost never (2x since I got here). All very okay if you go to the beach or having a barbecue. Furthermore, it was very great since one of my best friends Bibi visited me in Perth. Together we climbed in spectacular places. At nightfall we were treated to a large group of dolphins. Too bad the time flew so fast!

Dead rats, mosquitos, and bed bugs

Meanwhile, I stay in the city centre of Perth, in the Globe Hotel. It is centrally located and it saves a lot of travelling time to the library or sights around the city. Luckily I don’t need to stay longer in this shithole; the situation is really miserabel. Recently a rat died in a refrigerator. Aslo all bathrooms and toilets are filthy. Due to a leaking AC we also have our own growing musquito population. To make it more sound like a disaster we have bed bug infestation! Unfortunately, all other accommodations here are full or they are bedbug infested. I notice that the French and Germans especially join their language niches, that makes that integration does not exist at all. I met a Canadian (Luke) and two Germans (Steffan and David) here and we do quite cool sightseeings together. From 12 March, I move to a shared house with 4 others. I have my own room, toilet and shower. A great improvement!


The search for work continues, but no achievements yet. After 67 applications in 4 weeks time; I wonder how this works out. There has been a few discussions about my qualifications. Sometimes my master in english is not enough (which is strange). For aplying for the backpacker jobs I stopped mentioning my diplomas and education history. That seems to be better. Unfortunately I didn’t get the job with the bird’s foundation, because they suddenly looked for someone WITHOUT affinity with birds. Well, I reminded myself that I had left my hobbies on my resume, which had the same outcome as the diplomas. Now I demolished this part in the CV too. Actually, the worse your English and the fewer qualifications you have, the better it is. My level of English is slowly eroding and will be in a detrimental stage soon.  And there are more strange things I don’t want to talk about. Probably I can write a thick book after these 6 weeks.