Malaysia – The national park trail

Dear everyone,

Probably while it was sweaty hot here, you guys must have been freezing in Europe. Also Sinterklaas left my country and Santa replaces him soon. Things I almost forget now. No worries, I had the best chocolate bar (250 g) on the tallest canopy walkway in the world with 360 degree view on primary forest.

I just got back from Borneo. That was absolutely fantastic. So, I arrived in Malaysia after finishing my travels in Thailand. There I did some island hopping and hardcore rock climbing. Photos are here and should tell you already enough 😉

After my wildlife adventures I feel pretty fullfilled now in Asia. It has been wonderful in Malyasia and I feel extremely glad. Wildlife also got in my stomach, but after some antibiotics these are now killed. Nothing really to worry about though. I just had pain in my stomach after each meal, but that’s past now.

Back in Kuala Lumpur I picked up my new passport so I should try to make that one run out of pages again within 4 years! I feel recharged to beat the last month here in Asia with Singapore and Indonesia. There I’ll celebrate Christmas and New years. And then it’s time to enter Ozzie land on the 20th of January where I look forward to go to.

This December edition of the Ecopod news letter is the last one. This time about palm oil and the destruction it causes on Borneo.

Next blog same time, same style, but different! Enjoy reading on the following pages 🙂