Dear family, friends, and blog followers,

Another example how time flies. It feels like it evaporated, 5 weeks in the Philippines. An amazing archipelago with some of the friendliest inhabitants. Although the food is very meaty and fishy and for a vegetarian is has rather nothing to offer. I shall admit that it usually looks alright. Veggies are hard to find as the locals normally don’t eat it. I don’t really where to start, but one of the things is the friendliness off all people. Also the kids are really cute. Just have a look at the photos and you find yourself.

When I arrived in Manilla I imeddiately took a flight to Cebu. This was my hub for the Visyas. Although I stayed here two nights, I cannot really say that this second largest city of the country has much to offer in terms of restaurants, sights, and museums. The hotel was so friendly to guard my backpack for 2 weeks, so I could travel light without check-in luggage. It felt so nice to liberated for a while from my big backpack.