Dear readers,

As I can hardly believe it, this is my last blog on my last day in Australia. I am happy to tell you that I had a great Christmas and New Year’s. I hope the same for you guys. And at last I managed to get all my rural work done for my second year visa. That means I can return to Australia in May. I could not have a better end of my travels. Tasmania was freaking awesome. Compare it with the whipped cream on the cake and put a piece of chocolate on top.

Meeting travel buddies

On Boxing day I left to Melbourne and the WWOOF place 1.5 hour north of melbourne. Christmas in Adelaide was great (see boxed text). The WWOOF hosts Helmi and Lionel are about 85 years old and still pick berries, make jam, and cook. I only needed to stay here 1 day for my visa, but ended up staying until 31 December. I ate many berries, did not work hard and had the greatest meals in a long time. With this, time flew, and New Year’s getting closer. I had no plans for that day, but needed to fly on the 1st early in the morning. When I got back in Melbourne I had quite a few things to arrange before heading down to Tasmania. I kind of flew from place to place andaround 2pm it was enough. I called the Couchsurfer who I was going to meet for our road trip in Tasmania. Luckily enough they arrived  soon after my call. Kristien and Reinhart are from Belgium and were invited for a Couchsurf party in Melbourne. Although the party itself wasn’t that exciting, the fireworks were nothing like that. For the big fireworks in Melbourne we went to the Yarra River in the CBD. I found it impressive as I never saw a show in the city before. the skyline, the fireworks, and the laidback atmosphere was a good combination. As a coincidence the belgians had the same flight as me. We partied until the airport bus departed… tired and sleepy in the airplain we arrived in paradise on the first day of the new year.

From here we split up, as they went to a WWOOF and I went to a campground in Hobart. The city is small, nicely located, with some nice hills, such as Mt Wellington. I can imagine me living in this city. While I was sightseeing in and around Hobart, another 2 Couchsurfers arrived at the campsite, Julie and Abraj. We hired with the 5 of us a car to explore the island.

Couchsurfing was again succesful and a good way to meet the right people to  go on a road trip.