The red centre of Oz

Dear readers,

3 December: The day I left the farm, left the humidity, and started the trip to Adelaide. With 10 days of farm work left it felt so good to leave this all behind. Just to hit the road again. While I got to Adelaide I think about that I missed on Sinterklaas and Christmas. I hope you all had an enjoyable time during these two festivities of December. With New Year’s left not only the year comes to an end, but also my year of Australia. Time flew! And about time: I am now 9.5 hours ahead, since South Australia has day light saving time too. From 26 december it will be 10 hours difference as I’ll arrive in Melbourne.

From ‘Tropy’ to desert

That this country is so big, we all now. But experiencing it, is a second. When we drove from Darwin we left the hot and humidity. The sticky nights were already replaced by cool nights in Nitmiluk NP. Leandro and me did some hikes with the ….. trail as the new one. The walk itself was a little bit boring but the view, nevertheless, was astonishing. The only thing we had to do was surviving the heat of the day. As long as we drunk three times the amount of our body fluid we had no problem with that. Thanks to Leandro I got some new pictures of this nice national park. (About my camera: this finally arrived at the farm on Kangaroo Island! Finally I can capture my own memories). Nitmiluk was and is a fantastic park to walk around. This time I walked to another part of this amazing gorge where there were some rapids and small waterfalls.

By the time we hit Alice Springs the nights really got fresh and during the days I experienced the dry heat. It was finally over with sweating and drinking 6 litres of water per day. I must say that this kind of climate is much more barable, than the wet season heat of the tropics. So what actually happened? We drove 1800 km to the south and crossed the Tropic of Capricorn which is the zone between the tropics and the dry centre of Australia. With this trip we even gained 1 hour of day light per day. The sun rises half an hour earlier and sets 30 minutes later. That is crazy stuff!