Last days in the Top End

Dear readers,

What a relief! Almost leaving the heat and humidity of the Northern Territory. And then on the road trip to Adelaide, which I’m looking forward too. There is not so much to tell… I was just doing things at the WWOOF farm. Not too excited. n fact another bad experience with Australian farmers. Not worth to explain that again as my blog will be the same as the previous one. They signed me off at least and at the moment I got 10 days left to do rural work. For this I’m going to Adelaide (Kangaroo Island) to work on a WWOOF farm again.

The escape from farm work

As you see on the photos, Celine, Audrey, and I went to Litchfield NP in the last week of our farm work in Berry Springs. What an amazing park. Clean water everywhere and with waterfalls it is a fantastic place to swim and relax. While the girls swam a bit longer in the ponds I made my way on the hiking trails around the place. This is how I ended up in beautiful pockets of Monsoon forest and woodlands. A special feature of the Northern Territory. It is so far one of my favourite national parks and very easy to visit in a day. And I can tell you how nice it was to be away from the farm for one night and 1.5 day. Too good!

IELTS exam

Other news is that my IELTS exam went fine. The listening test was very easy. The topic for the discussion was that interesting, that my examiner forgot the time! I hope my mark will not be affected. On Saturday were the listening, reading, and writing tests. The listening test was quite annoying, but still not too hard. The reading and writing tests had nice topics which made the test fairly easy to make. At least I had a very good feeling when I left the test room. One of the questions was, why I didn’t go for paid work… Well, now I had the chance to work in the mornings and study English in the afternoons. That wouldn’t have been possible with a paid job when you work up to 10 hours day.