Mango madness

Dear readers,

The last blog was not too long ago, but is necessary to write a new one. My 3 weeks on the farm finished and I got qite a few things to tell you. I didn’t get as tired as expected and was free from mango sap burns and rash. So all in all not too bad.

How are you guys all doing? Winter already started I’ve seen on the news. Hard to imagine when it is 38 degrees here. So, if any one wants to escape rain and/or frost then come over here!

In the meantime I can say I arranged quite a few things by now. I got my police clearance, logded my tax return, sent my camera away for repair, and got my IELTS (International English Language Test) exam scheduled for 30 November (listening, reading, writing modules) and 1 December (speaking module). Also I had an eye examination done and the surprising outcome is that my eyes improved! To ‘celebrate’ that, I ordered new contact lenses enough for one year. I get the feeling that money I earned on the mango farm is now immediately spent…
🙁 But at least for useful things.

Thrashed on the mango farm

Talking about the farm… I can start a whole story about the good and the bad. I had a great time and I learned much more about farm work in general. The most important fact: 21 days more for my next visa. Also I know that Australian farmers are assholes. That farmers don’t give any shit about regulation nor safety is very clear now. And getting paid is also not so normal in their world. And an Australian farmer works with negativety and giving shit comments and remarks all the time.