Almost three months no blog is quite a long time. In fact I want to change my blog updates to once in every 2-3 months. My visit in The Netherlands was awesome; not the least to see my family and friends again. It was also an opportunity to travel to Suriname as part of my family lives right there. I stayed 3 weeks in this south American country. The story about the Netherlands is best with a DVD I made about the country. This includes major towns, national parks and our biggest national holiday: Queen’s Day. I’ll announce where and how to download the DVD. Likely you will find this under the documentaries section.

Quick facts

OK. So for your information; Suriname is a former Dutch (speaking) colony in South America bordered by Brazil, Guyana and French Guiana. In last few years the country has developed a lot. As I arrived I was welcomed in a splendid new airport. The roads all over the place are now paved. Schools are being built in even smaller villages, and the capital city is thriving with its increasingly visited town centre. 80% Covered with a carpet of rainforest and patched with bird spotting places and mangroves in the northern delta you can enjoy nature her at its best. Unfortunately the country has no white sandy beaches with palm trees. It’s in the end part of the Amazon delta full with mud 😉

The country is a religious melting pot and a food hotspot. Synagogues, mosques, temples, and churches stand side by side. A mix of African, Caribbean, Indian, Indonesian, and Chinese created an incredible delicious cuisine. Definitely worth to try!

Oh, and be careful as there are numerous speed checks, police checks for illegal goods (such as endangered animals, plants). Also there’s strict enforcement of laws against illegal hunting, fishing, clear cutting, littering, etc.