Exmouth to Broome

Hi folks,

I’m still alive! How are you all? Enjoying the long waited summer in Europe? I don’t only feel off the beaten track but even more cut off from the rest of the world. It’s such a good feeling. At the same time I might forget your birthday, or another important event…

Finally I got on the internet it was a blessing to find your emails and messages. These moments I can reconnect to my family and friends. I miss you guys more than ever. This has also to do with the fuss with my travel buddies. I’ll explain that later.

Where did the story end?

I remember to end with Carnarvon and the blowholes. From that point we traveled to Coral Bay, Exmouth and further up to Karinjini and Millstream NP where the story ends with travel buddies. Coral Bay is another great place where I snorkeled. The marine life is abundant and similar to Point Quobba. Although in Coral Bay I saw some giant crabs, lobsters, and clams. The water was calm, so I had my comfy snorkel moments staying up to half an hour floating in the sea. A year ago I wouldn’t have done it, since I was too scared. Another thing that happened is that we met again the 2 funny Israelis who were heading the same way as us. We decided to travel together and see how it would go. To make a long story short: from this point things changed. Somehow everything I did was wrong. My bedtime, breakfast time, running in the morning, etc. The most ridiculous things were wrong to them. In Exmouth we stayed most of the time as a group together as we took one car to go for exploring the coral coast. The first day went fine and I had good snorkel days combined with walks in the gorges. There is one particular gorge which was stunning with sheer rising cliff walls. And in these cliff walls live the very rare Black-footed rock wallaby. After scanning the cliffs for almost 45 minutes it was BINGO! A rock wallaby hopped for 9 seconds on the cliff edge and this was my happy moment of the day. Though I was not going to see the rock wallaby again. I couldn’t care about it, because I was so glad with my glimpse. Despite the increasing tensions the Exmouth trip was still epic.