Coral Coast

Hi folks,

Let’s start with the fact that after a couple of weeks I still had no decent internet to upload any of my stories. I don’t only feel off the beaten track but even more cut off from the rest of the world. It’s such a good feeling. At the same time I might forgot your birthday, or another important event. I feel bad about it. Finally I got on the internet it was a blessing to find your emails and messages. These moments I can reconnect to my family and friends. I miss you guys more than ever.

With me it’s actually not going bad at all. This epic journey… what an awesome thing to do. My perception on Australia and Australians is slowly changing. Believe it or not, but nowadays I come across one of the friendliest Western Australians. They’re chatty, helpfull and funny blokes. Finally: out of Perth, the further away… the better people.

As the people I met are getting better so is the weather. Better to say the temeparature. We crossed the tropic of capricorn which means we’re in the tropics! Coral Bay was our  first town in the tropics with some fine snrkel spots. I was lucky to spot a reef shark and big ray. The diversity of my favourite coral, staghorn coral, was fenomenal. Our planet is intensely beautiful. I am glad this is protected by the massive Ningaloo Marine NP. The reef is that close that I only need to swim 4 to 6 meters out to hit the reef with its weird creatures. The people we met told us to go up to Exmouth where the snorkling gets even better. Better? After Point Quobba and Coral Bay… that must be a joke I thought. As these retrement people live as nomads, they know what they are talking about. And bet that they are right. Again this time.