Shark Bay Coast

Hey mates,

Don’t worry, I didn’t get eaten by sharks as the title might suggest. In fact I didn’t see any sharks. Nothing to complain by the way. I think last time something went wrong when uploading the website. Was it offline for a while? Anyway, two blogs to read now 🙂

We crossed the tropic of capricorn which means we’re in the tropics! So what to see or do in the sub tropics? And how many dolphins can you spot in a day? How sore can muscles become after 6 hours of almost non stop kayakking? Is it possible to stay for a bargain in an Australian resort? And how long can you snorkel untill you’ve seen the same fish? And any idea what distance we travelled so far to Exmouth? Well the answers are here!

Dolphins, dolphins and more dolphins

By now we travelled 1200 km away from Perth where I upload my blog, Exmouth. Before getting here much happened in between. The Shark Bay Coast started right after Kalbarri, but I didn’t see a single shark here. What I did see was loads of dolphins! Best thing was that they stayed very close to the beach and made all kind of plays. I probably never got that close to these cute mammals.

Also on the terrestrial front there is a good story. During the day day I saw a lot of emus and 2 molochs. But I wanted to see some other small marsupials that are only active during the night. As it was full moon nature was going nuts during my night walk. Birds were singing and kangaroos were still not around. At the end of the trail I almost hit a sleeping emu which freaked out by my appearance and started to chase me. I quickly hid myself behind a tree, so the emu left immediately.  No danger was involved, but somehow it scared me for a bit. With my heart bouncing in my throat I safely walked along the beach back to the camp ground.

The next day we went kayakking and guess who were there? Dolphins! Following us, swimming under the kayaks and playing we had some good fun with them. To make the feast complete 2 green turtles joined and a ray. After a sweaty 6 hour kayak adventure these wildlife adventures I can highly appreciate.

And then there’s nothing better than getting to Monkey Mia when it’s full moon. The sunrise was incredibly spectacular when the full moon got slowly replaced by sun light. The sky changed from blue to purple, from yellow to orange with the moon reflections in the ocean. As the dolphins now where people hang out, they came to great me at the jetty. There I am, with dolphins and me lonely on that jetty. Although Monkey Mia is a resort, it’s cheap ($25 for a camp site) with good facilities. Nothing can beat that in Oz. No wonder we took a week vacation in our vacation.