Wet t-shirt competition or WWOOF

Hi folks,

It seems like a week ago that I posted my last update, but it’s really already a month ago. With me it’s going better than ever. From meeting nice people in Broome to working on a WWOOF farm near Broome. With this work I got 24 days signed off for my second visa. If all goes according plan with the mango farm (42 days or maybe more) then I need to complete another 22 days. The conclusion: I’m right on track 🙂

Staircase to the moon

In Broome I stayed for so cheap in a 5 star YHA hostel with swimming pool and the ultimate bonus: great fellow backpackers. Mike a kiwi bloke, Elodie a French girl, Annelice from South Australia, and Kistin from Germany. All good people I hang out  with. For me Broome was a rehabilitation period after a crammed road trip. It is the perfect place to clear the mind and focus on partying and watching unforgettable sunsets on famous Cable Beach. My first day was perfect timing as I saw the Staircase to the moon. The moon rises in the evening colouring orange over the bay reflecting in the ocean. As tidal differences are quite big, the tides have different levels. On these different levels the moon light reflects giving a spectacular view.

China Town

The last place you would expect a China Town, but there’s a modest green oasis with little shops referring to the pearling history of Broome. The town is adjacent to mangroves in turqoise coloured water. I’ve never such beautiful mangroves. The town’s enchanting atmosphere made me relax. A place I never want to leave. People say ‘hi’ or ‘goodday’ to each other and on almost every house you see banners to keep hands off the Kimberley. The town hosts many activist who have made, protecting The Kimberley from devastation by the planned construction of gas plants, there full day kill-time.

Together with my friends we went to the Irish pub for live music and a couple of drinks. The highlight was definitely the long waited ‘wet t-shirt competition’. See red box below. Other than that I spent some time for a walk from Gantheneaume Point to Cable Beach. In Gantheneaume I found dinosaur foot prints on the rocks. Pretty cool to see, but unfortunately you can see them best during very low tides which wasn’t this time. Easy to imagine dinosaurs walking on this (nowadays) sea floor medication vytorin.

Also in the hostel the atmosphere was good. We had dinner together and a few drinks in the evenings. Was this my holiday in a holiday? 🙂