San José & Tortuga Feliz

Finally I made it to my destination country, Costa Rica. I have not seen anything yet, but the planning is to go to one of the vulcanoes here today.

By the way, I hope to show my photos.
My stay in Miami was just great and I had a good and relaxing time. Just have a look at the pictures. From the beach and Miami downtown area. Both were amazing and impressive. But the American people still amazed me.

In Miami some very funny things happened in the bus. A fat lady entered the bus and looked at the best seat. Next to a skinny latin American lady, who looked` you are not going to sit next to me, are you`. Well she did and the skinny lady was squeezed for almost 30 min.
Yeah…..stereotype American….!

People are very talkative and it is easy to get in contact with them. Unfortunately I left the USA on Tuesday. This is the first message from San Jose.

The time difference is now 7 hours and I did not succeeded in uploading the photos. That will be now next month. I will speak to you soon; maybe after several weeks.

Well friends, keep the spirit alife!
and thanks for all the messages!

USA is history. And here an update from sunny, warm and wild Costa Rica.

In San jose everything went fine, when I stepped out of the plane untill going to the youth hostel. I was not tired so I decided to go to volcano poaz just north of san jose, next morning. It is incredible to see the rich biodiversity of plant and animal species. The bus took us from 2000 m in san jose to an altitude of 3600 m. Cold and moisture are the prevaling elements of weather. It was my first time to see a volcano, so I was pretty surprised by the size of the crater. By the way…. the vulcano tend to be violent at certain times… Because of the volcano the soil is extremely fertile. Also it causes mini habitats with own climates. Fo example it was foggy near the crater and sunny on 1 trail. at the end of the trail I was surprised by rainfall. That is just insane…..

The next morning I went from the capital city to Bataan and finally to the turtle project. Tortuga Feliz. Also this was full of surprises. My bus left on time and in much more modern bus. the USA can dream of this. After 2 hours, 1000 views and 4 coversations with locals later I managed to arrive in Bataan. I was picked up and the journey continued by boat through the jungle! awesome: I saw many bird and mammal species. It gave me a prevailed feeling.

About life in tortuga: RELAX There is not much going on at the moment, so my daily activities are: taking pictures of animals and plants, eating 3 times a day, going to the beach, more animal watching, hiking, animal watching 🙂 ,)

¡Hasta Pronto! y Pura Vida (tot gauw en letterijk – puur leven…)