Actually fresh start

Hi all folks! Last message I ended that I hoped for a fresh start…….well I did get one! Saturday was a cool day, ‘cause the whole day it was cloudy. This day we used to rest……this means listen to music, watch a movie or just hang around at the doroir. And in the evening there was a festive dinner at Chez Amos. Always very good. this evening a first course of vegetables, then meat and a spinach cake and chocolate cake as dessert. After this pleasant evening we went to sleep. The whole night it rained, a lot, even much cooler. Within this climate is far much better to sleep. The rain continued till late in the afternoon on sunday. It wasn’t very nice to go outside, so we stayed almost the whole day at the dortoir. Also no soccer match today. Again a day of rest and good moment to make a planning for the coming week.

Next day, on Monday we worked on our field report; in the afternoon we went to the central market. Just buy some bottles of water, apple juice and biscuits. We also spoke to the man of Djamdoura. This is the store where Tom and Roeland let made their LARP suits. He also embroid our CEDC t-shirts. For Tom and Roeland we have a little surprise, since they’ll leave Cameroon before us. We bought two black t-shirts and for these we designed a text, which they use often when they play LARP. Very exciting what the result will be, since it’s very difficult to explain something. Often it’s not like the way you wanted. I hope the result will be just great. After arranged this, I went to the tanner. Here I ordered a leather belt. Without problems he understand everything (I think that was a miracle) 😉 Now just wait for the result. Will I get what I’ve ordered?? It’s at last Cameroon, you’ll never know. 🙂 For Cameroonian standards (thus also for us) 😉 it was a very busy day. If that wasn’t enough, after I came back to the dortoir, one of the Cameroonian students asked me to go with him to the place he works. Just to take some pictures of the tanner. I was in the mood for something new, so I went there with Roeland. we took some pictures and we chatted a bit with the owner. Suddenly he asked us, if we like leather, we can just take a piece. two munutes later Roeland and I were outside with each a piece of leather!! So fantastic. This was a fatiguing day, I went to bed very early.

Tuesday was a hilarious day. I have now some plans to make a MTN (mobile network) in my LEGO city. Since we’re in Cameroon we didn’t experience problems with this network. For this plan I need some stickers of the logo. So I went to the main shop of MTN. I asked the young lady behind the desk if there’re stickers I can buy. She said I can get them for free. So easy, thus I asked if I can buy a t-shirt………yep also that was possible. Next day she would search three t-shirts for us, some ball pens, stickers and bags. Amazing, so easy, friendly…….unbelievable!! Now I’ve already some huge stickers…..what about tomorrow….?? hihihiihi 🙂 🙂 🙂 Soon LEGO city has it’s own mobile telephone network! 😉

Next day started with a feeling of fun. Today it’s MTN day. When we arrived in the shop, she handed out all stuff; bags, stickers, ball pens and three t-shirts!! Everything for free, I already knew that, so brought something for her. Biscuits and candy. She was surprised with it, and I was glad with all stuff. Sometimes things can be very surprising here in Cameroon. 😉 🙂

In the evening we ate pizza at Erik’s and Janneke’s home. The atmosphere was very good, so it was very late when we were back at the dortoir.