Soccer & BBQ

Team Sahel!!! Back on the soccer field. Our number 2 plays to the number one, Douala. This could be a very difficult match…….Unfortunately our team began very weak, a lot missed chances. The first 40 minutes were actually dull, till Sahel made a goal. The referee rejected the goal, because a player was offside after the goal!! Isn’t that unbelievable. The second half they played even worse. The decission came when Douala made a goal. Sahel was already beaten, mentally. They lost the game, but remained the second position. Very sad, but a lot of bad luck. It rained also that day and the soccer pitch had a lot of holes and pools. Despite of all, it was still a nice match to watch. 😉 🙂

Again Cameroon amazed me 😉 Now because of the t-shirts. They’re exactly as we said to them. I think they understand it very well. The t-shirts are great, also well embroid. Embroiding things can be done very easily, without hassles. It must be a lot of work to make that. And that in less time, very good of them. 🙂 More surprises followed this day. When we walked on the streets we saw a placard of a party, which would take place on the Friday evening. A school party, whereby the best school and best student would be elected. Yep……that sounds interesting. the party would start at 8.00 pm, so we were on time. when we enter…..there was almost nobody there. Some tests of the music installation. Till 10.00 pm it remained very silent. But we had fun with three of us and with the music, which was playing on the background. Later we had enough of this Cameroonian party. No students, very few peolple and not that crackling. 11.00 pm we left this fantastic ‘party’. 😉

Lot of parties are going one. Saturday we had a barbeque at Erik and Janneke with Tom and Roeland. We all help with the preparations. I made two fruit salads, with mango, papaya, ananas and banana. The weather was also good, not too hot and no rain. It certainly was a festive dinner and there was a lot of choice. Meat with all sorts of spices, vegetable skewers and salads. The vegetable skewer was very delicious, spicy and tasty. The mango chutney was tasty on a piece of bread, in combination with the advacado salad. The Mexicanian part of the meal. we barbequed till 11.00 pm. We left (on that moment we were almost sleeping) about 11.30. Again I went late to my bed. I wasn’t feeling very well; diarrhoea, headache, nauseous and 38.1 degree fever. Actually fever and diarrhoea started before the BBQ. :~

By the way, this day I made areservation for the train on the 27th of June. I called the woman and she said I can SMS if I want so. Well again cameroon amazed me, the reservation was made with the help of a SMS. Unbelievable. 😉 😉

As if this was the harbinger of a very nasty day. 🙁 🙁 The whole Sunday I had a fever and a headache. Feeling very weak. I thought it was malaria. Because of thinking that, I took some drugs against malaria. Malaria is very dangerous. If you take prophylaxes it can still be fatal. If you’ve 2 days fever and other symptoms you’ve to take drugs. Otherwise the malaria parasites arrive in your brains. Then there’s no treatment…..:( Resting is the best thing to do now and also for tomorrow. Just not thinking about this story…..