Wild life = wild you

What kind of dangers are there’re in the savanna? First of all I have to say, we’ll spot lots of animals! Unfortunately, some are not that friendly. Here is a list of do’s en don’ts:

lion – stand still and enjoy the moment of seeing the lion; don’t move or run away 😉
hippo – run for your life, because they immediately attack, climb in a tree (if there’s one); never look back 🙁 hhhmmm
snake – these animals don’t do any harm, unless you step on them; you’re lucky to see one.
elephant – take time to spot these animals; don’t ignore two signs 1) kicking sand 2) flapping of the ears; run away……..otherwise they’ll attack. Nice is thst they first warn you :).
buffel – run away and climb in a tree, than observe the animal; they immediately attack. you’re lucky to see one.
antilopes – spot them!; don’t disturb them
monkeys – spot them carefully, take care of your belongings; don’t play with them, since they’re hyper active.
crocodile – stay away; don’t go into the water…..;) 🙂

Furthermore, there’re scorpions, musquitos (yellow fever, malaria, dingue), flies (causes burn marks), killerbees and other unfunny prank!

Well, hopefully I’ll see most of the animals, but you have to be very lucky, since most species are decimated.