Hustle & Bustle

Saturday 26 March

First: I’m glad with all replies! Thanks I hope you all enjoy the diary. Greetz from a hot (38 degrees) Cameroon, Maroua.

Thursday another student arrived from the field. Adinda is an antropolgy student of Universty Amsterdam and will leave next week. So now were’re with five for one day. This day was also theday we all visit the cyber café. Guess what happened….Nina was suddenly ill…..:(…she had a diaroeha burst. Just on time we find the toilets. Pffff it’s diaroeha time. 😉 It’s just like a virus…it’s more a question of time when I’ll be hit 🙁
Thursday evening we had some company……a men who sang for us. ‘Nasarra, nasarra, papa nasara!’. It means ‘white man, white man, father of white men’. Ahhhh men that was hilarious…..everyone came to have a look at the nasarras. For 15 minutes he continued singing that song! So, live music, but unasked.
Quitte relax day was friday. The rest of the biology students arrived. It was such a good atmosphere, in the first minute jokes were made. That evening we all went to ‘Port Mayo’ to have dinner with our field supervisors, Erik and Janneke. In the evening we talked a while. Paul and Lisette are students of Universty Utrecht. Tom and Roeland are from the same university as I am (Leiden University). With 9 students it’s very busy in the dortoir. Later in the evening everyone was tired, so we did go to bed in the early evening.