Memories of Asia

Hey mates,

As you all know I have arrived in Australia (some months ago). With this, my trip to Asia came to an end. Crossing 14 countries, saying “hello” and “thank you” in as many languages, travelling 37.000 km in total of which

23.500 km by train,

9.000 km by bus,

900 km by boat,

celebrating one time New Year’s Eve, climbing 2 volcanoes, ziplining over forests, walking on canopy bridges and gently moving by boat through mangroves, meeting thousands of people, meeting my new friends: Ms mosquito, Mr leech, and Dr bed bug (these friends I won’t miss though), seeing “flashy” Buddhas, and so much more!

The special book

The people I met wrote in a special book. Vera & Oz know which book I am talking about! Yes guys, this was such a geat idea to do 🙂 Curious? You might have to wait, since the book is not full yet! [edit: you can download it here] What I’m going to do with it is of course a surprise. I would like to thank all the people who wrote in this book, since without their lovely anecdotes, crazy notes, touching poems, and fantastic drawings, there wouldn’t have been a book at all 🙂


Some things people already knew, some things were a real eye opener in Asia. I hope some animals and plants will be saved for future generations. From now on no Ecopods anymore. You can read them all here. Some people asked me why I discontinued the newsletter. Here is my reason: Australia’s environmental problems are well known and the country is rich enough to tackle these. My news letter won’t change anything.