Life in Perth

Hi everyone,

The world is getting seemingly more horrible by the day… I may start to think that change on its way? While wars continue to pay its toll, economic tension growing, weather going crazy – it seems blessed to be in safe haven: Perth. And it’s for that reason to be worried how many people have no safe haven or alternative. This idea could be sometimes lead to mind frustrating issues. Not the least the Australian political situation that got negative attention worldwide. A government that decides to rather cut Tasmanian Heritage forest and build unsustainable ports at cost of large sections of the Great Barrier Reef. How does it work that a small bunch of people can take away the world’s most important ecosystems without being noticed? I think we’re at the forefront of a global battle to either divert from the current “system” or continue in the “same” way.
I quoted “same” as to stress that it is certainly impossible to continue destroying earth as we simply facing nature’s sett boundaries…

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Things got quiet and winter brings some long waited rain. No demonstrations, but still online action against mining companies, government decisions, and other evil stuff. Instead, the rain started the when flowers are blooming and temperatures hit around 18 degrees during the day. Although last two weeks made it close to 22 degrees! By the end of August we’re hitting the mid twenties again 🙂

With these temperatures we usually hang out in the parks or on the beach. The last time we went on a big trip was during Easter and we haven’t done anything like that since. However, winter is in fact a very good time of the year to visit some nearby national parks. These day trips seem to be a great way to catch up with friends and see some of nature’s flowering events.