Leaving Cameroon

Just as for everything…there is a day something comes to an end. Also for this practical training in Cameroon. Friday 8 July was the departure back to Brussels.

The Friday in Yaounde we checked out of the hotel. In the afternoon we arrived at Solang’s home. The last time with the family….very strange. Hours passed very quickly, and it was almost time to leave for the airport. But first we got something to eat. Then saying good bye to all the family, which wasn’t that easy. More the feeling that you probably will not see this people again. That’s bizarre.

Then it was time to leave, 6.00 pm we left. Solange and Didier brought us to the airport (Yaounde Nsimalen; pronounce: ‘simalin’) a 30 min. drive. No problems with checking in all lugage. Problems were only with paying airport taxes. When we entered the customs…..they refused us to enter the customs office! So we had to pay the airport taxes just were we came from, the check in rows. I talked to a woman who was a employer at the airport. She brought me to the manager of the airport. I paid for the punches….he wrote something on the rear side of the boarding pass. Taxes were paid, the misery was over. The manager was friendly and made a joke I had to take care of his wife…who was the woman who took me to his office. Great! The manager said his wife would accompany us till the customs. So absolutely no problems!! Before boarding we had some lugage and body checks. The employees of customs were very friendly…there were even jokes made…..bizarre. At the body check point I spoke to one of the employees for about five minutes. I think when people are patient and friendly the’ll have a little chance to have problems at the customs. πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

Just on time 11.10 pm we took off. During the flight they said we would arrive earlier at Brussels. A good flight, slept quite well πŸ™‚

Soon in Europe, my own country….The Netherlands πŸ™‚