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After having seen cities in quite a short time it’s a relieve to be in Krasnoyarsk for three days. I’m staying in Olga’s (Couchsurfer) appartment with nice  views on both sides of the mountains surrounding the city. Very kind of her to pick me up early morning fro the train station. The same day with two of her other friends (Misha & Zhenya) we went to Stolby.

“The Stolby reserve is named after the ‘stolbs’ that were left overs of the past’s gold rush”,

as Misha explains. So not as most poeple think: the rock formations that stand like pillars (stolbs) in the park.

“When they found out that there was not so much gold; the area was abandoned and a park near Krasnoyask was founded”,

he continues.

Again it feels like a relief to be away from the noisy cities, and hearing the birds singing agian. Just have a look at the photos, since there were magic view points from where I coud overlook huge parts of this nice region. After a whole day of traveling and a whole day of hiking I was kind of feeling dead. It was good to be in nature 🙂

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