Hola mi amigos!

Leuk om al jullie reacties te lezen. Ben er erg blij mee. Ik ben weer helemaal veilig op het vaste land en heb flink carneval gevierd. Tanuja, Sadhna en Rhamba mousi, jullie bel ik binnenkort. Allemaal jarig 🙂 Tanuja nog gefeliciteerd!

Ok, ik heb wat mensen beloofd om mijn verhaal in het engels te typen. So here we go!

With a delicious fruitshake and a shitty piece of bread (yep bread is raunchy here) I am now typing my carnaval experience in the city of Baranquilla, Colombia. This city seems to have the second largest carneval in south america. And bet it was a huge festival. I couldn´t have it better than this.

A chain of coincidences and luck I call it. People dressed up, having fun, drinking beer, dancing, singing, joy joy and enjoy. Having seen the parades and the street festines we just ended up tired in the hotel. Because of this unsatisfying feeling we went with some other backpackers to a street party of locals. At the end of the night (not sober btw) we just hooked up with some local friends. The girl, Ana I danced the whole night with, introduced me to her friends. Guess, next day she called me to the hotel and we were able to meet up again in the city.

From one experience to another experience. I went with Ana to her home were there was a party going on. Welcomed friendly and danced heavily I got a prevailed feeling. So awsome to hook up with all locals. This was not going to end. Baranquilla was in party mode, so did I.

Next days were filled with street activities. The last night I went with Ana and her family and friends to the club. Amazing to dance salsa and merengue. I think the beginners course salsa was a good idea. as I have to belive Ana, my dancing skills improved.

Ana is an intelligent an open-minded girl. She gave me an experience I will never forget. Besides partying, we talked about Colombia and the problems the country is facing. I can believe her. The country is developping in a very positive and friendly way. This country doesn´t deserve to be in the news for kidnappings, killing and lies by the FARC. We demonstrated against it on monday, just like many people across the world.

At least there is Ana. A girl who is fighting against FARC, by studing psychology, staying in her country and to contribute to a Colombia I am seeing.

This was all for now folks.

My next step is getting to Venezuela. I´ll keep you updated.

Ciau, Amar