Campo 2 Tropical rainforest

Thursday 17 March

Early morning the sun is shining but we have to hurry to the primary school of Campo. There we met several teachers and the principal. It was a very good atmosphere in which the problems of the education were discussed.
We hand over the education materials (signed with our names, date and country). During contests these will be given to the best students, remembering the honour students (we!!).
Time flies, so we took the moped to laving bureaucratese and the inhabited world exchanging for wild life and remoteness. By motorbikes we crossed through the park for primates, insects and reptiles. Unfortunately not the numbers I thought, but still several primates and a large yellow varan. We also made a walking trip to some beautiful water falls just through the dense rain forest. In fact the whole rainforest is so impressing; you just forget time and space.
Our return journey was, unfortunately, in the dark, and that by motorbike and on unpaved (sand) roads ;-)..mmhh 😉 men that’s was terrible and and what happened; one motorbike had some problems (unable to drive further). Great now with two of us rear on the motor.
We arrived 22.30 hr in Campo (3 hrs delay in the bush!) and packed our baggage to take the bus at 00.30 hr. On the terrible road we managed to arrive at 04.00 hr without sleep in Kribi, in front of Tera Plage. Well too quite and if you can already guess, the guards could not hand over the key of the chamber, so we had to sleep on the sun banks, on the beach, under the palm tree and with a mosquito net…….kind bush survival……mhh.. Awesome! Next morning; slept well, no mosquito bites and seen the sun rise 🙂 Absolutely fabulous experience. The manager apologized and served a great breakfast, lots of energy to get the bus in Kribi at 12.00 hr. After a trip (on well paved roads, even 3 lanes sometimes) of 3 hrs we picked our baggage at the acquaintances of Penny, who live in the capital city, Yaoundé.
They are so nice people….:S for Cameroon standards they’re rich, because they have a cement house. And they have everything; dvd, tv, beds, a car, etc. Still on our point of view they’re poor. For us it was also a place to eat. The wife of Didier, Solange, cooked so delicious. Didier helped also with the train tickets. He said if we had a problem with it, just call him. That’s nice, since an important person can help with the train tickets if we could get in trouble. Great……what brings tomorrow?