Back in Yaoundé

Friday 18 March

This Friday night we also stayed in the capital city. In hotel Grand Moulin. The friday was chosen to rest….yeah right……not! It took hours to make a reservation for the train of Saturday. And still without result, because before 15.00 hr no reservations can be made (we were at 11.30 hr). Unbelievable how such a simple thing (well I think it is) have to take so much time, patience and frustration. Maybe it’s a western thought, lets say it’s Africa. I remember that help can be useful now. I called Didier, he arrived, and arranged everything in no time. Theirs is just one problem yet; there are no couchettes available. That means 12 hrs sitting in a night train, I don’t think so. We’ll see if we get the tickets. But first we did go to Didier’s home to take our forgotten bag. Than he brought us to family of him. Penny was there to, cause she got rasta hair. Aw men that was so cosy there. We got a meal and talked a lot. the planning was going to a cyber café, we never arrived there. It was already too late. Yeah of course also tired. It’s regrettable the web log still isn’t updated.
We said good bye to Penny and the family in Yaoundé. We will meet the family again in July I hope. Let’s see what tomorrow brings (hopefully 2 tickets couchette).