A day in Benoué

So are alsready curious how a day in Benoué National Park is? Well here is my report then! At 4.45 hr you’ll wake up, which is very early. Brush your teeth and dress quickly. At 5.00 am breakfast is ready at ‘Chez Bello’. This is the name of the boukarou were we eat every day. Till 5.30 hr you can eat the pancakes. 5.30 hr our driver picks us up and drop us at the locations from where we start walking the transects.
It is then aproximately 6.00 hr till you can start with the transect. At 9.00 hr you’re finished walking both transects and that’s the time you’ll be picked up again, driving back to the camp. Depending on the distance, you’ll arrive at 9.30 hr. Often you’re exhausted, so resting is the best thing to do.
Bello always serves the meal at 11.30 hr. The choices of food aren’t that wide; pasta, rice or potatoes with bello sauce (kind of mix with puree tomatoes, onions, vegetables). After the meal it’s time for several activities, depending on the work that have to be done. For example seperating grass samples, putting all observations in the computer and more of that kind of work. If there’s not much to do, you can rest for the rest of the time on the terrace, with an overview on the Benoué river. Very relaxing.
And again at 17.30 hr dinner is served. After the meal, it’s often already getting dark, so it’s time to sleep (19.00 hr). Only sometimes we watch a movie and it’s almost 22.00 hr. Often when there is electricity we use the computer to put all observations in it.
Next day………same routine: 3 weeks Benoué:
week 1: 25 transects
week 2: grass sampling
week 3: 25 transects
With two middays off in week 2 🙂 how great!