Vladimir to Yekaterinburg

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Russia is huge, I’m traveling for hours by train, but on the map I’m still reasonable close to Moscow. Close, but a different world without congestion and air pollution. It is called Suzdal; one of the oldest cities in Russia. Its location is in a river valley with church domes (like onions and ice creams) peaking on both sides of the steep river banks. It seems to be somewhat idyllic and a good location if you want to be inpired to write a fairy tail. Since, the town is so small I decided to spend only one day here and then head to Yekaterinburg.

In Yekaterinburg the temperature dropped to -13°C, which is much colder than the previous days. Now standing in this city I realised that I crossed two continents and I’m standing in Asia for the first time! With help of local people who didn’t speak English I got escorted to my Couchsurfer’s home. The next day Alexander took me on a guided tour across Yekaterinburg and to a nearby forest and lake. People have this strange habit of swimming in frozen lakes… I decided t skip this and rather trying to make a snow angel. It looks so easy… but the result you can find on the photo page of Yekaterinburg 😉

The architecture is very good and so is the start of the city. “Founded with a dam in the river and on top a castle the city started to grow around this castle”, as my guide continues. It reminds me of Amsterdam and Rotterdam that also developed after building a dam in the river. The we arrive at a dodgy place in a little alley. “Here is Michael Jackson Square, as you can see  from the paintings on the wall”. The place looks deserted, but in this building hides a theatre. “Just a joke of arts student”, he says. Later we arrive in the area of the secret police. No one kwnows exactly what happened here, but in the past everyone was terrified by this place. At least you can imganine that people got illed here when they didn’t oblige the regime. A creepy place. This is just the great thing of Couchsurfer. Being able to share, see, do things you normally wouldn’t have done. As time being the greatest enemy, I almost have to catch the train to Omsk. Now it’s getting “real” Siberea. And thinking of Yekaterinburg… I really have no idea what attracted me to the city, but at least I sit in the train thinking of the nice days I spent here; with a big smile on my face.

Research questions

  1. Finding out what hides in Yekaterinburg.
    Too many things, but the letter capsules are the best

  2. How to make a snow angel?
    Lay down on your back in the snow, and move your arms and legs up and down a few times

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