The Trip

Saying goodbye wasn’t feeling good at all. But it was much better when I got on board of the airplane. A new experience is waiting for me on the continent Africa, in Cameroon. The whole flight was totally without hassles. Only passing the detection gate, the alarm went on…..;my belt….annoying thing.
It’s nice to travel with a companion, time flies then. Unbelievable, during the flight I saw Brussels (oh weird?!), The Alps (snow), The Mediterranean Sea, coastline of North Africa and world’s largest dessert (Sahara). It was a really impressing flight.
Approaching Cameroon РYaound̩ was magnificent; tropical rainforest with rivers as lines through the landscape. On the airport everything went very fast. People are very friendly and always want to help. The driver of the hotel picked us up. It was a 35 min. drive to the hotel, leading through a familiar landscape of bush, homes go to ruin, and people alongside the road (in pretty good condition).
Safely arrived at the hotel, we rest and unpacked our baggage. Glad that we could make an appointment with Penny; Saturday 12 March at the main bus station in Yaoundé. Round 10.00 hr we are taking the bus to Kribi, in the south. There we will stay for two days. More things are in planning……;..the first thing now…..;.rest a lot to make a fresh start tomorrow.