The third week

A kind of rumorous week. A lot of chaos. It started with seeing a hyena. Running over the road and speeding further near my observation platform. Probably cathing up the group. Awsome to see one.
Also more work had to be done; like seperating grass samples. One advantage was, time was flying. On the other hand it’s very boring work. We did this the whole week in the noon.
Fortunately there was a spectaculair night drive……and oh πŸ™‚ what have I seen; so many antilopes, duikers, bucks, galagos and squirrels. Still waiting for the lion πŸ™ next time πŸ™‚ It’s always vey exciting, because you’ll never know what you’ll see. Surprising.
The raining season is approaching. Several times there were a lot of showers. So it’s true, that the raining season started earlier this year. and for me it’s also nice; I was able to separate grasses in a less hot climate, Tuesday.
Wednesday I walked on the river-bed of the Mao Mbam. That’s necessary to put the results of it in a map. The hiking tour itself was not heavy, but indeed was in the rain.Lot of gallery forest, so a great chance to spot animals. I saw colobes from near, some duikers, an eagle and a grand galago. I think because of the rain, all animals moved to other places in the park. They don’t depend on the river any longer…..ashame πŸ™ but, there’s rain now and less heat!
Because of the rain, the landscape is already changing: more green, other colour of the fur of animals, rivers filled with water and it will be definitely very different in May.
Friday we left BenouΓ©, in May we’ll return. I’m curious how BenouΓ© will look like then. πŸ™‚