In the biodiversity hotspot!

Dear readers!

So, I finished with the arrival by train in Perth. First of all, usually people don’t recommend to go here. Besides that, most people don’t travel here. Why? No clue, but after reading it should be clear why you should go here.


The first days when we arrived in Fremantle I showed Marjolein around in the usual places of Freo and Perth. All of this I did before, but I did it maybe spread over 5 weeks time or so. And if we were already not burned out enough, we partied along our stay in Freo. With the nice roomies we had we were convinced of a die hard club night. That night was not untill late, since it closes at one. The night was great full with beer, fatty girls, drunken ozzies, and our great group consisting of so to say so “little Europe”. And yes a girl in the club is either fat or slutty or even both. That’s pretty groce; why fatty with so little textile on the body? It was by the way, my first time to enter a club in Oz. Welcome to Perth in a freaking racist place full with retards home grown fresh from Ozzie soil.

Margaret River Area

The next day we started our 7-day road trip to Margaret River. Imagine me tired and driving to Margaret River. That is not any good 😉 Since I was here before I showed Marjolein the places were we climbed, hiked, and camped before. It was supposed to rain, but it luckily didn’t! With sun, a blue sea and cliffs, you get the best photo of WA’s coast line with the weather Gods at your side.

The second day we drove to Agusta to meet David and Steffan. The guys, I met in Perth, now found work in a bakery in quite little Augusta. The location is just at the estuary with forested sides of the river. If that’s not all, the Southern and Indian Ocean meet each other at Cape Leeuwin NP. From here we had magnificent views on both the ocean and the light house. However, we didn’t see any distinction between the oceans. The only thing we found out later that the Southern Ocean is much rougher.

Also the third day we stayed around Margaret River. This time we camped in the sensational Boranup NP. Tall trees of Karri species stand tall up to 60 meters next to each other. And with a setting sun you get a free light show from nature, before snoozing in the forest. When waking up, the same light show was again on.