How it all started

Hi back again,

So now the story how it all started. It was really unexpected news just before the strat of Christmass Holidays. In a letter of the university was written that with a practical training should begin, starting in January 10. Of course my first reaction was…; I will not make it to arrange everything. I went to the coordinator to ask for what to in the ……kind of terrible situation….My thoughts were; This will be an training in my own country, never ever abroad anymore. But determined I asked….for a solution and there was one! Just ask another coordinator for the opportunities, and so I did. The next day was the good news, two places in Cameroon were vacant…..! Awsome! And so the same day the contracts were signed and lots of forms had to be filled in.

We had from the 12th of January till the 2nd of March to prepare for the trip to Cameroon. No time for realization, no time for a project proposal, vaccinations….and lots of more!! And that in a time limit of weeks.