From Tynda till Khabarovsk

Dear all,

I’m nearing the terminus of my trip through Russia, but before doing so, I’ll have a look at some places along the BAM. Really far away from the Netherlands as the time difference shows AMS+8 when I arrive in the small town Tynda! The train was again wild, wilderness full of Taiga and mountains. The sunset and sunrise were as magic to this region. Colours that change in such a great landscape is nature’s free gift. Another gift are the freezing temperatures, dropping to -26 in Tynda. The station is futuristic and looks like a space craft. I find it very unsual for a Soviet minded town, but at least it gives me one of the rare photo opportunities. The rest of Tynda is also concrete appartment blocks and a river valley filled with smog from the nearby charcoal electric installations. The city has an attraction: The BAM museum. Despite having called, they were closed… Sunday and Monday…arrrgggg. Anyway some leg stretching exercise wasn’t too bad after the long train journey. The owner of the small shop and the hostel keeper kept me busy with some social talk which was good too. Yes, I stept maybe 5 times in his shop… time killing?! 🙂

Imagine me to be glad heading of to the next BAM-town: Komsomolsk-na-Amur… I just didn’t expect anything, but this was THE surprise of BAM and Russia: no concrete buildings and a lovely, collourful, litlle town centre. Without gridlocks and still being a reasonable sized town I’m sure this is definitely the best one on the BAM. Everywhere (the beach, supermarket, museum, and so on) people just started to chat with me in Russian. Probably because me being the only tourist and really not lokking western. It is fantastic that people approach me in this way.

Also in the train it was was one big vodka and eating feast! Yes, I’m off the beaten track, but the impression and feelings are warm and I cannot say this again: It is the best experience  with Russia, the real Russia, where the USSR heart still beats 🙂

Research questions

– how many tourists go to Tynda… so how off the beaten track will I get?

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