El Salvador, tiny but undefeatable

Hi dear readers of me! Since I am having great fun in El Salvador and the weather is getting better in the lowlands, I share my stories earlier. And yep, everything is fine and safe here.

Travel route: Leon (Nicaragua) – San Miguel – Perquin – San Salvador – La Libertad/Playa Sunzal – La Palma – Bay Islands (Honduras)

Easy journey

In just 7 hours from León, I reached San Miguel in El Salvador. As the vegetation became more dry, the more friendly he people got. Only the Hondurian people were so distant, when I crossed a little bit of Honduras.
My passport was not even stamped, since they find it not necessary. So, this took me 20 seconds to cross the border. Since the border towns are not actually bordering the border line and buses don´t cross the border – you need another type of transportation. The people invented bicicles, or tricyles with a front load for luggage. As easy as it sounds, as easy and convenient is it. The service includes help with imigration and exchanging money. And of course the fun ride. And that for a spotless 0.50 dollar.

In the bus to San miguel a girl, Cecia, asked me where I was heading to. From one question to the other, the whole bus trip went fast. We had lunch and had a nice chat. When Cecia told me she had a doughter, I remembered she told me she is 19 years old…. shocked! And….she said, here doughter is 2 years old. She had the same when I told Cecia, I don´t have kids… 🙂 Lucky me saw a soccer match with Cecia and a brother. And we went out….and the night was not to be forgotten. yep I was ready for the garbage dump.

Going into civil war…

Tired or not tired, I went to Perquin in the north. Why? Because this is the place to be, for getting understanding of the civil war. The museo de la guerra and the surrounding tell you enough. It was an incredible experience and now I know the inns and outs of this war.

The civil war ended in 1992, but before that, it was terrible. The war started because only 2% of the people owned all the land and had all the power. The rest lived in poverty and were surpressed, tortured, or killed, by a regime that didn´t tolerate freedom of press and speach. This regime was supported by the USA government.

The FMLN, the liberation guerillas, started an offensive. live stock was killed, agricultural land was put on fire. After bitter fighting, and 70.000 victims, 300.000 refugees the peace treaty was finally signed. A massacre of 1.100 people (85 % kids) was one of my sad moments. Some photos were so lively, that I almost could feel, what these people felt….

All shown in this impressive museum. The location of Perquin is in the beautiful mountains, as it always has been, undefeatable.

Time flies

Meanwhile I am almost leaving this country. The days in El Salvador were unhealthy with all the smog and other pollution. I visit some museums, malls… so sightseeing and shopping! And flying from one spot to another. My daytrip to the coast, La Libertad, was dissapointing. It smelled like, pffff….. just open seweges ending on the beaches and in the sea. Not a particular nice beachspot. Even further to Zonate Beach it wasn´t that nice. But…! It´s just the way it is, smelly adventures are also part of the trip 🙂

After being fumicated and choked I arrived in the dreamy place, La Palma. This is thé artistic place to be. And it is a nice bio-fetish hotspot. During my hike I was accompanied by numerous birds whizzling in the nearby river pine forests. Also I was lucky to see some mammal species. A nice way to end my trip 😉 I want to stay, jejeje,

My next destination is Honduras, for 1 week.

a trip…to be continued!

hugs, amar

Veel plezier met KoninginneNach en Dag! Feest voor mij en drink voor mij wat biertjes 🙂 😉