Brunei – The green heart of Borneo

‘Broccoli’ forest

The next day we traverse the Ulu river with its spectacular rapids and crystal clear water. It challenges our boatmen but gets us safely through first the new forest and then later to the old forest. Trees become bigger and more colours of green can be seen! Yes, this IS primary forest. Untouched, unspoiled, admirable and breathtaking as the trees get even taller with the shape of big brocolli canopies.

The park lacks really tracking trails, since they want to preserve it. The trails that do exist were mostly closed. The plank walkway prevents soil erosion and damage of vulnarable plants. Suddenly I see the highest canopy bridges of my life! Yep, climbing these give you a feeling of flying over the vast canopy stretching endless in the horizon. Silver leaf monkeys, hornbills, eagles, bromelias and numerous insects accompany me while I walk over the bridges. After these breathtaking views I say goodbye to Ulu. “Thank you Ulu for revealing a bit of your hidden treasure”.

The best thing I found out was that only 4 people (including us) visited the park that day. With numbers staying like this, I get even more happy.

There was no time to be tired as the night walk was planned. Guess what: no rain in the evening. The best weather to do this exercise. Ready with torches and camera we atarted the “hunt” for what was to become the “treasure” walk. Stick insects, a bee eater, geckos, gecko, and more which you can see on the photo page.

My top 5 of Brunei

  1. Rhinocerous hornbill

  2. White Eagle

  3. Raja Brook’s butterfly

  4. Canopy walkway in Ulu Temburong NP

  5. Boat ride from the capital to Bangar

This country might be tiny and less visited or touristy. Honestly, go to this place and enjoy the last remains of Borneo’s primary forest and choose the ecological way. The forest might stay her forever as it is well protected and already an ecotourism destination.

Keep following, the next update will be soon 🙂