Baltic States

Dear all,

The moment you might read this article is probably simultaneously with my travels through Russia. Imagine my delay 🙂 First of all, everything is still going great. And again I’m many choices, kilometres, Couchsurfers and adventures further.

The picture in this article is a stone called “Stebuklas” and it’s a good way to introduce the Baltic States; starting with Lithuania. Here the line of people (imagine people hand to hand in a chain) ended which started in Tallinn. A strong, but peaceful signal of the Baltic people that they had enough of the Soviet Union. Adventually leading to a quick dismantling of Lithuania from the Soviets.

As my stay will be at a Finnish Couchsurfer in Vilnius, I don’t really know what and who to expect. The only thing I knew was there would be a party at his place. Cheerful and happy people arrived with lots of food and games. Games I had not played before, untill I was taught this weekend. More games in one day than in the total of my life span so far 🙂 I find Lithuanian people much more loose and laid back. Maybe that’s why they called this weekend the “Vegetable weekend”… as if I had to become a couch potatoe 🙂

The next morning Indre and I woke up miraculously early. Both in a good mood we decided to hang out in the beautiful town centre of Vilnius. It was good to have her as I guide since you get to know the place quite well. When my Finish host, Mikael, told me that Vilnius acts like a village I couldn’t believe him… 300.000 citizens is still a city to me. But after 2 hours wandering in the city we already met 5 party guests from the day before. Amazing! Unfortunately my weekend already finished in Lithuania, but it enabled me to leave with a good vibe.