A cosy place

A cosy place – the meaning of a ‘nest’ or ‘home’ (part 2 of 5)

Northern goshawks are very hard to spot. The dense forest and and their relatively large foraging area, make pretty much every big tree a possible resting place. Hence, the low probability to see one. March is the month with the highest chance to see them very actively flighing over their territory. I was lucky to be around in the forest when this pair were making courtship flights. During these display flights goshawks engage in high-circling. Their ‘keckering’ call draws a lot of attention and indicates the start of the breeding season. Typical in March for a species that starts breeding early in the season.

As for birds, both females and males take care of the nest. the vicinity tends to be vigorously defended both to maintain rights to their nests and mates.

I don’t think I would have been aware of the nesting place if they would not have flown over like this – what a great place to have nest – in a forest in Berlin.