Birthday and Ngaoundaba

Wednesday 11 May

For resting there’s almost no better place than in Ngaoundaba. this resort is about a 30 min. drive from Ngaoundere. On our way to Ngaoundere there were a lot of animals alongside the road in Benoué. Bubals, warthogs, horse antelopes and giraffs just 5 metres from the car! Lucky day for spotting animals. My trip continued satisfied to Ngaoundaba. But before we got there we had to do some shopping. Few things in the supermarket; candy was the most important, since the next day was my birthday. After the supermarket we drove to the fruit market. For the last week of the field period always tomatoes, carots and fruits were bought. Only 3 cartons of food, which isn’t much. everything bought, so time to go to Ngaoundaba. The trip was a beautiful one. Lots of hills and great panoramas. As expected the resort itself was also great. We met the owners, a French couple; very nice people. they’ve owned this ranch for about two years. The location is in front of the lake, with rooms that have a view on it. It was very relaxing to scull and swim. I also walked around the lake, from whereI saw a varan, lots of cow herons and other birds. The cow herons live in large groups in the trees, which colours completely white. unfortunately I didn’t see large mammals. Probably because it started to rain at the end of the noon. and it rained a lot, the temperature dropped and it was cold. To warm up, we drunk hot chocolate milk. We also decided what we wanted to eat. It was a feast meal, the evening before my birtday. Cauliflower soup, spagetthi with an omelet filled with vegetables and a dessert, a piece of apple cake. When I was eating dessert, I got a present, packed in wrapping paper of Bart smit. greatest thing of that was, there were LEGO logos on it. How fantastic!! I got a painting with prints of five animals, which live in Benoué. I’m very glad with it!! So the day ended very positive.

Next morning I woke up very early, so I had some hours to walk around. I took some pictures in the vicinity of the ranch. Then I walked on the hills, adjacent to the lake. both hills gave spectacular views on the lake, the swamp and the surrounding cultivated area. I forgot time, but there was no time anymore. We had to leave in the morning to Ngaoundere. I was very lucky to have my birthday in this beautiful place!
In Ngaoundere I called with my parents, 2 cousins and an aunt. So glad to talk to family again. After eating lunch we headed to Benoué, out of reach of the telephone network and back to work.
It’s a strange feeling to have my birthday so far from home, without family. Still it was such a great feeling, with other sudents, for the first time had my birtday on two days.