Swan Coastal Plain Wetlands

A documentary about the Wetlands on the Swan Coastal Plain in Perth, to promote conservation and public awareness of a critically endangered ecosystem”

The Swan Coastal Plain wetlands around Perth in Western Australia are one the most diverse and unique ecosystems on the planet. Since the arrival of Europeans settlers an estimated 80% have been lost due to population growth and development. Remaining wetlands are increasingly threatened by rapid population growth, groundwater abstraction and a drying climate. These critically impacted ecosystems provide important beneficial services including groundwater recharge, natural filtration of nutrients, pollutants and sediments, recreation, protection from groundwater flooding, and habitat for many species. Some of these species include the endangered Carnaby’s Cockatoo, the critically endangered Western Swamp tortoise, several types of Banksia, and Quenda. If the current rate of loss continues, it is expected that almost all of these remaining wetlands will be lost within the next 10–20 years. Urgent action is needed.


I created this page to help fund and expose my documentary journey across the Swan Coastal Plain. If successfully funded and distributed, this project would allow me to capture images of some of the world’s most biodiverse and endangered ecosystems and wildlife. These images and footage will allow me to tell a very detailed story of these critically impacted ecosystems and wildlife to a broad audience. My goal is to link documentary making and scientific documentation to promote a powerful way to promote conservation of these valuable habitats. These include the screening of the documentary and showing imagery at the Wetland Conservation Centres to support environmental education activities and gallery exhibitions to promote public awareness and providing the documentary for educational courses and public programs.