Noongar Boodja

Before I left for my travels in January 2011, my friends gave me a book, which I could pass on to every traveler I met, so they could leave a message, drawing, or anything else they wanted to express. In July 2013 the book was full with messages leading to this wonderful book.

“I wish to express my deep appreciation to all of you who contributed to this fantastic book.

The book is called “Noongar Boodja” which means my home and country on this planet, in Noongar Aboriginal language.

Family, friends, travel buddies: you’re such fantastic spirits of our planet.

Never loose faith, never give up. Keep following your dreams. We pave the road to freedom, love, and peace.

It’s our world, our home, it’s called Planet Earth.

Amar Nanda, July 2013″


Download the Noongar Travel Book

Noongar Boodja Travel Book

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