Leaving Perth

Goodbye Perth

There are these typical days I never look forward too. Often these are days that hold moments of doing things for the last time and meeting people to bid them goodbye. I can say that this is not my favorite part of a long time where I enjoyed myself with things and people; now being overshadowed by melancholiness.

Feeling melancholic can often just happen without any clear cause, but in the final weeks I slowly came to understanding that what I got now with friends around me will cease to exist in the current setting. It is never good to go back to old times and would rather look forward. In fact it is this that thinking ahead that makes it harder to enjoy the moments now. Up to even feeling depressed and frustrated.

Fortunately I can’t classify myself as depressed and that unlikeliness is depending on the amount of things I still have to arrange for the apartment, my studies and for friends. Every week we had a bbq happening at my place with drinks till late night. Friday 26th of February is already the last one in its kind. In the meantime all housemate decided not to extend the lease which means we need to vacate the property by 5 April. This required some administrative arrangement and a huge clean up operation of the house. Most of the furniture is sold and just a few things will go to verge collection in the last weekend of February. I’m so glad that the majority of cleaning is finished as it was horrible. On these moments it’s great to treat yourself with a visit to the beach. Occupied with the research at uni during most weekdays means that time all in all flies.

And then there is an accumulation of clothes, kitchen stuff, towels, lights, blankets and so much more. For every item I had to see whether it can be sold, given away, taken back or remain in Perth. That takes also an awful lot of time. My room is now empty and belongings that I need when I come back to Perth are stored in boxes. The remaining is already packed and ready to go.

With so many memories stored in Onslow House there is no doubt that leaving this is uneasy. Still I’m looking forward to see my family and friends back home. It’s time for a new adventure 🙂

Although, leaving a place means also that you may come back. The finish of my PhD in August 2017 marked a milestone. After going back and forth between Australia and Europe, I  can now focus on my life in Europe.

So many goodbyes always equals to the so many hellos.


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