The Purpose

A documentary about the Wetlands on the Swan Coastal Plain in Perth, to promote conservation and public awareness of a critically endangered ecosystem”

Wetlands are considered as important ecosystems that provide multiple benefits to humans, such as recreation and enjoyment of its biodiversity. Wetlands are mainly threatened due to human caused effects, such as climate change or urbanisation. Both factors negatively impact the hydrology of wetlands. The drying climate in Perth has resulted in too low water levels to support the ecology of wetlands. Ideally, wetland management need to respond to this change and should aim to protect the ecological integrity. This is unfortunately not the case. Community involvement is key to conservation efforts. The best way to communicate new research findings is through educational material; photo exhibitions; and a documentary that explains the values of the ecosystem.

  • In this documentary we aim to summarize the key findings of research conducted till now. With a historical narrative and a future prospective.
  • What is at stake? What is the current situation? And most important: What can we do to save them?
  • Through these questions we give an insight of the current situation of scientific research and a window to the near future.