A documentary about the Wetlands on the Swan Coastal Plain in Perth, to promote conservation and public awareness of a critically endangered ecosystem”

Photography and documentary making – I have a considerable amount of experience photographing landscapes and wildlife all around the world. Short documentaries and educational material were used by several educational institutes in the Netherlands.


Your donation will help support my 18-month journey along the Swan Coastal Plain, the printing and framing of photos for the Wetland Education Centre exhibit, and the development of wetland based curriculum and interactive activities used at Perth’s regional Wetland Education Centres.

Project costs include:


  • Travel expenses – train fares (I will cycle most of my way and will be camping at caravan parks to reduce costs; wild camping is not permitted)
  • Food
  • Camera equipment
  • Scientific permits
  • Field supplies
  • Printing, matting, and framing of exhibit images
  • Materials and equipment needed to convert photos into curriculum and activities


Cockburn Wetland Education Centre – One of Perth’s regional centres to promote wetland conservation and hosting the annual wetland conference.

CRC for Water Sensitive Cities –  Inter-disciplinary research expertise to undertake research that will provide water management for ecosystems in Australia and collaborates with overseas institutes.


For more information on my research, documentary, photography, and this project please visit my website or contact me through social media.

Risks and challenges
The potential risks and challenges I foresee with this project include:

Climate and Terrain
Photographing and filming throughout Western Australia during all seasons can provide extreme weather. Especially in winter flooding is a risk due to heavy rainfall and heat waves are common during summer months. In addition, some sites require a lot of hiking and cycling to get to the areas where wildlife of interest occur. The response of these seasonal wetlands to to variations in the climate and terrain is a large part of the story that has not been told.

Equipment and Logistics
Photographing in the field is not always kind to your equipment. Especially when photographing in or near water. Therefore, camera insurance has been taken out on my current equipment, and any new equipment purchased from this kickstarter project will be added to the insurance policy before I head into the field.

Illness and Injury
Some of these wetlands have degraded water quality that can be potential harmful to humans.  Photographing and filming in these areas cause a risk of illness, infection, and serious injury. In some areas Ross River Virus, venomous snakes, and spiders occur and the Australian paralysis tick is abundant and may produce life-threatening effects. With my extensive experience in these systems and health and safety protocols of the university, I take all the necessary precautions in order to be safe and healthy.

Nature and Wildlife
You never know what happens in nature and that is the only thing I will know for certain. With my knowledge and experience in these systems, however, I am very confident to be able to capture many of the landscape and its rare species to share with you.

Documentary period
9/08/2015 – 9/02/2017 (18 months, collecting data)
9/03/2017 – 31/12/2017 (9 months, publishing research results)
1/01/2018 – 9/03/2018 (trailer)
1/10/2018 – 1/05/2019 (launch short documentary)